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If you're tired of looking at faded siding and a dull fence, turn to Marquez Pro Painting Services. We offer a variety of exterior painting services in the greater Auburn & Seattle, WA area. You can count on us to make your house stand out for an incredibly affordable price. You'll love how beautiful your home looks. Trust us - your friends and neighbors will notice, too.

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Enhance Your Exterior Features in the Auburn & Seattle, WA Area

Does your home's exterior need an update? Get in touch with Marquez Pro Painting Services today. We provide a range of services in the greater Auburn & Seattle, WA area, including:

  • Fence painting services
  • Siding painting services
  • Mailbox painting services
  • Carport painting services
  • Railing painting services

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Why Curb Appeal Matters for Your Auburn & Seattle, WA Area Home

Curb appeal is a hot topic for anyone who’s hoping to sell a property. But what if you’re planning to stay put for the time being? How does maintaining a good-looking house and lawn benefit you when you have no intention of selling in the foreseeable future?

  1. Pride of Ownership: Curb appeal is the visual impression passersby receive of your home from the street. And for you as the owner, it's part of what makes your house your home. When you come back at the end of the day, a residence with plenty of curb appeal will lift your spirits and give you a warm sense of pride.
  2. Maintenance: It's not all about appearances, though! The beauty of nicely painted walls or cleaned gutters is more than skin deep - attention to this type of home care is important in maintaining your property and providing adequate protection from the elements.
  3. Social Relations: When you live on a pleasant street, proper upkeep of your home and garden is a courtesy to your neighbors. It also sends a welcoming message to guests.

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